Cinque TerreEligibility Requirements for Electronic Permit Submittal for
Solar Photovoltaic Permitting for Single-Family Dwellings

General Requirements

A. System size is 10 kw AC CEC rating or less
B. The solar array is roof-mounted on a single family dwelling
C. The solar panel/module arrays will not exceed the maximum building height of 35 feet
D. Maximum height of PV panels is two feet, measured perpendicular to roof surface
E. Except for panels, inverters and rails, equipment shall be painted to match adjacent surfaces
F. Solar system is utility interactive and without battery storage
G. Supporting documentation is attached
H. Roofing material will not be changed under solar panels

Electrical Requirements

No more than four photovoltaic module strings are connected to each Maximum PowerPoint Tracking (MPPT) input where source circuit fusing is included in the inverter
1. No more than two strings per MPPT input where source circuit fusing is not included
2. Fuses (if needed) are rated to the series fuse rating of the PV module
3. None of the strings are combined prior to central inverter
4. PV module STC Isc is below 9.6 amps
A. For central inverter systems: No more than two inverters are utilized
B. The PV system is interconnected to a single-phase AC service panel of nominal 120/240 Vac with a bus bar rating of 225 A or less
C. The PV system is connected to the load side of the utility distribution equipment
D. Existing main service is sized so panel upgrade or de-rating of main breaker is not required
E. Solar PV Standard Plan and listed equipment specifications are completed and attached
F. Data from equipment specifications correspond to applicable values inputted in PV Standard Plan

Structural Requirements

A. Completed Structural Criteria and supporting documentation is attached
B. PV panels are flush mounted (i.e. installed within 2 to 10 inches of roof surface)
C. PV panels are to be mounted parallel to the roof surface

Fire Safety Requirements

A. Clear access pathways provided on roofs steeper than 2:12 slope
B. Fire classification of solar system PV module and rail assembly is provided from NRTL
C. All required markings and labels are provided

Additional Requirements

A. These criteria are intended for electronic permit application submittal
B. City Inspector has discretion to require field corrections and re-inspections
C. Inspector may require project to be submitted for standard review process if determined in the field project does not qualify for electronic permit application submittal

I have read and agree to comply with the above criteria. I understand that if drawings and paperwork vary from this criteria, this project will not be reviewed over the counter and will be subject to the standard Building and Safety review process.