Cinque TerreEligibility Requirements for Electronic Submittal of a
Solar Pool Heating Permit

General Requirements

1. System size is 30 kWth (462 S.F. or collector) or less
2. The solar array is roof mounted on one- or two- family dwelling or accessory structure
3. The solar collector arrays will not exceed the maximum legal building height of 35 feet
4. Solar collectors are certified by an accredited listing agency
5. Heat transfer fluid is either water or a nontoxic fluid

Plumbing Requirements

1. Adequate extreme temperature protection is provided (if applicable)
2. Plumbing diagram is provided with identified components showing solar interface with existing plumbing

Structural Requirements

1. Solar energy device is roof mounted and does not exceed the exiting building height at the highest point
2. The solar energy device system weight does not exceed four pounds per square feet (4 psf)
3. The solar energy device is installed within 24” of the roof immediately below
4. The maximum concentrated load imposed by a solar energy device support onto the roof structure is a maximum of 60 pounds (0.18kN); and,
5. For wood construction, the maximum spacing for supports of the solar energy devices shall be 48” on center, and shall be anchored to solid roof rafters or to solid blocking with a minimum on one 5/16” diameter lag screw embedded a minimum of 2 ½” or as recommended by the manufacturer, whichever is more stringent. For other types of construction, the support shall be approved by the Building and Safety Department

I have read and agree to comply with the above criteria. I understand that if drawings and paperwork vary from these criteria, this project will not be reviewed over the counter and will be subject to the standard Building and Safety review process.